• Robert N. Meyer - Chief Executive Officer

      Mr. Meyer possesses a broad base of experience and expertise in the high technology world of computers and communication. He has been involved with several successful companies in developing specialized programming, encryption technology, video streaming and cellular communications in both the civilian world and government agencies.

  • James J. Lavoie - Chief Operations Officer

      Mr. Lavoie has vast range of experience in Executive Management, specifically in the fields of Manufacturing, Operations and Sales. His background focuses in the manufacturing disciplines, Test Engineering with Xerox Corporation, Manufacturing Engineering with MAI Basic Four, Vice President Operation Curtis Electronics and Director of Manufacturing with Emerson Technologies, an LLP with Emerson Radio. Mr. Lavoie spent two years building a state of the art paging manufacturing facility in Jakarta, Indonesia. Most recently, Mr. Lavoie held the position of Vice President of Sales for Metrosplash Systems Group, where he managed the “Cash for Gas” loyalty program offered to 7,000 CITGO Convenience locations, prior to joining Orbital Laboratories as COO. He attended the University of Massachusetts, and Long Beach State University.

  • Bruce Kennard - Executive Vice President

      Bruce Kennard is a multitalented and creative spirit who has accomplished many remarkable things in his life. He has over 30 years of sales experience and is an expert at raising capital for start up's. Prior to Co-Founding the company with his good friend Patrick in 2004, Bruce was a Founding Partner in Houston's Right Step Residential Treatment Center (TRS). Currently valued at over $50M and is ranked as one of the largest privately held alcohol and drug treatment centers in the U.S. In the early 90's TRS led the way in busting the monopoly big corporate hospitals held over the treatment of people with alcohol and drug related problems. "It was like David VS. Goliath" Bruce said, and it was only after we broke that monopoly that affordable treatment for alcohol and drugs was finally moved into affordable residential home settings." TRS is one of Bruce's proudest accomplishments.